How This Works

➢ Submitted records are accepted when a player beats a level or reaches the minimum requirements of the correspondent level.
➢ The minimum requirement for each level corresponds to a higher % than the current record.
➢ If a level doesn't have any records, the minimum requirement for the World Record is at least 10%.
➢ Only runs from 0% are acceptable as official World Records.
➢ Only rated levels in-game are accepted into this list due to obvious reasons, but of course there are some exceptions (Read further).

Website Organization

➢ The website is organized into three different categories.
➢ The Main List consists of the same content as Pointercrate's Demonlist, the top #1 - #75 hardest Extreme Demons.
➢ The same configuration goes to the Extended List, including the top #76- #150 from Pointercrate's Demonlist.
➢ The Extra List consists of all the remaining Extreme Demons rated in-game and demons that are Mobile-List-worthy, organized in alphabetical order.
➢ Inside the Extra List there is a second category, which is the Past Rated Extreme Demons. These include the levels that were Extreme Demons but got unrated/updated exclusively. Any levels here must be Extreme Demon worthy to be on there.
➢ Each level has its own position and has the credit for the creators and verifier. Positioning doesn't apply to the Extra List however.
➢ Here is how a levelcard layout would look like:

Mobile World Records

[0fps] Name - video% screenshot/clip%(Link) 

World Records Organization

➢ World Records are categorized differently depending on the FPS Value that the player used to achieve it.
➢ Only World Records with videos attached are official World Records for the correspondent level.
➢ For all leaderboard catagories, if there is a screenshot record, it will go in the "Screenshot Records/Completions" category, and there are no exceptions to this.

Submission Rules

➢ Check the submission form here!
➢ Official records must include a video. The most preferred platforms are Youtube, Twitch and other video sharing/streaming platforms. The whole attempt must be included in the footage to be counted as an official World Record.
➢ Screenshot/Clip submissions are also allowed and will be credited, but are considered as unofficial records, so no points are awarded. Screenshots must be inside the level on the % screen to be added.
➢ All FPS values allowed on the list are based on real mobile devices' capability (Must be available worldwide w/ value present on the main settings). Current Allowed Values: 30/40/60/90/120/144/165fps
➢ HRR (High Refresh Rates) records are only accepted if higher/tied with the current lower-valued World Record. For an example, 90hz must be equal or higher than 60fps, 120fps must be higher than 90fps/60fps, and so on.
➢ The following hacks/modifications/settings are not acceptable under the lists conditions, and any records with any of these present will not be accepted. Depending on the severity, it may also lead to a ban of the player from the list.

- Speedhack/Force Smooth Fix (lag)
- NoClip/NoSpike/NoHitbox
- IAD's Physics Bypass
- Invalid FPS/TPS Values
- Botting/Semi-Auto

➢ For better chances of getting your record accepted, it is recommended you provide the following to prove your legitimacy:

- Taps (Sound or "circle taps" shown on screen)
- Raw Footage (Full un-edited recording)
- Liveplay (External recording of your device's screen)

➢ Other ways of showing your legitimacy are possible, but for common sense, those won't be listed here.

Points System & Ranking

➢ For Main/Extended List, Each World Record gives a point. However, if the World Record is a completion, two points are awarded instead.
➢ Extra List work differently than Main List and Extended List. Extra List Records do not award points, unless it's a completion, in which case, awards a single point only.
➢ Unofficial World Record holders won't be given any points for it. Only Official World Records are worthy points.
➢ If the same player obtains multiple records on one level (i.e. different refresh rate), only thr highest % record will award them points.
➢ (Discord Server) The Discord server awards special roles for World Record holders currently having three of them.
➢ (Discord Server) If you hold 1 World Record, you'll be given the "WR Holder" role. The same applies for 5 World Records, however you'll also be given the "WR Pioneer" role. If you hold 10 World Records, you'll earn the "WR Master" role.
➢ (Discord Server) The '👑 #1 Stats Viewer' role is given to the person that is #1 on any of the leaderboards on the Mobile World Records Stats Viewer, awarding exclusive chatting features.

Important Links

➢ Our Official Discord Server
Discord Server
➢ Mobile Demonlist
Mobile DemonList
➢ Pointercrate Demonlist
➢ WR/Feedback Submission Form
Submission Form
➢ Our GitHub Source Code
Source Code


Special thanks to Ryan9328. They are the original owner of the code our team tweaked, go check them out.

Special thanks to Karthik567 for making our Discord server profile picture and current website banners. their Youtube Channel is listed below.

Venfy - Discord Server Creator & List Moderator
hpsk - Website Owner/Main Coder & Discord Moderator
FrostSpark - List Owner & Discord Designer/Moderator
DashY - Record Analyzer & List/Discord Moderator
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And lastly, thank you for visiting our website. Have a good day.